Child Support

We can help you, whether you are seeking to reduce or increase child support. Child support calculations can be very stressful. Mason Law Office, P.C. will ensure that your child support calculation is correct for your circumstances. We will also you help you reach your goal, whether you are overpaying or not receiving enough support.

If you are not receiving the court ordered support, we will impose a wage garnishment, and we will even levy bank accounts for past-due child support.

Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount of child support, pursuant to the California guidelines, as follows:

 (1) The gross income of both parents

(2) The earning ability of each parent

(3) The amount of parenting time allotted to each parent, and whether it is being exercised

(3) Income tax status, deductions, and exemptions of each parent

(4) Mandatory payroll deductions, such as, health insurance, union dues, and retirement withholding

(5) Hardship deductions for a child from another relationship in which the parent claiming the hardship has more than 50% parenting time with that child.

(6) Equity of the parties

California courts use a guideline calculator to determine child support, but many of the factors are discretionary, which means that getting . The State of California child support calculator can be found here.

Additional Child Support (“add-ons”): California law permits courts to add additional amounts to the guideline child support calculation. These are called “add-ons,” and they are required to be paid, in addition to the guideline amount. Courts commonly order each party to pay one-half of certain expenses. This amount due is an “add-on” to the monthly child support amount:

(1) Work-related childcare costs

(2) Costs for extracurricular activities

(3) Education costs

(4) Healthcare costs not covered by insurance

We pay attention to the details at every stage of the case. At Mason Law Office, P.C. we take the extra time to make sure our clients’ child support orders are clear, concise, and enforceable. A court order that is not enforceable with a wage garnishment is weak, thus, if the paying party decides not to pay it, you may never see the money.

Thus, the language of the court order is very important – especially if the costs do not vary from month-to-month. In order to get an add-on garnished the expense must be the same each month, and your court order needs specific language. For example, if your order simply states that “each party shall pay one-half of work-related childcare costs” it will NOT enforceable using a wage garnishment. The order would need to have a specific dollar amount, for example, “add-on: each party shall pay $500/month for one-half of the total monthly work-related childcare costs.” In this case, a wage withholding order may be filed to garnish the other party’s wages for the $500/month in childcare costs.

Child Support Arrears: “Arrears” are past due child support payments. Interest is charged to the past-due support, and many consequences can arise from not paying the court ordered support. If you are behind on your child support you should call us now. We can help you put protections in place so you will not lose your driver’s license, or face contempt charges.

Mason Law Office, P.C. will provide aggressive representation to make sure you are being treated fairly regarding child support.

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