At Mason Law Office, P.C. we handle all types of divorces, from simple no-asset, uncontested cases, to highly contested, complex cases with multi-million dollar businesses, and multiple properties. We take pride in offering each client with a high level of attention, and excellent customer service. Divorce can be a difficult process, so we recognize the importance of having a persistent, aggressive, and thorough well-prepared lawyer. Call Mason Law Office, P.C. if you are looking for a lawyer that will keep up with your case so you can focus on handling the emotional toll of the divorce.

What sets us apart from the average family law firm is that we regularly use many types of discovery (subpoenas, document demands, interrogatories, depositions, etc.). We are thorough, and precise, and we ensure that all the assets and debts are on the table for negotiation, and division. We have experience freezing retirement accounts, changing title to homes, and placing hold on the title to multiple properties, pending the divorce. For purposes of support, we diligently verify that all income is calculated correctly, and ensure that your support obligations are fair and accurate. Lastly, we have a team of experts we use when necessary to present evidence to the court.

The Emotional Toll of a Divorce

Many clients tell us that their divorce was the most difficult situation they have dealt with – in their entire life. In many ways, it is similar to experiencing a death in the family, with similar grieving stages. At Mason Law Office, P.C., we are happy to report that most of our clients transition and grow as a result of their divorce.

Most of our clients who are initially emotional and anxious end up thriving at the conclusion of their representation. This is because we consider all aspects of the client, not just their paperwork. We work with each client to find a path that is suitable for them, and their family needs. We look at each case individually, and we think outside the box to find solutions to difficult problems that sometimes arise.

We understand that emotions can run high during a divorce. Some divorces are peaceful and easy, while others are very ugly and messy. Regardless of your situation, we have the experience you need, and the dedication you deserve.

Divorces Involving Children

If you have children, we will talk to you about what you think is best for them. We can offer our experience dealing with similar cases, and suggest solutions that have worked for us in past cases.

There are four types of cases in terminating a marriage or domestic partnership:

(1) Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

This is the most common type of divorce in which it terminates the marriage with a goal to resolve issues between both parties. This includes child custody, visitation, and child support if there are children involved. It can also determine spousal support and divide all assets and debts properly.

(2) Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership exists when there are two adults of the same-sex that have shared an intimate and committed relationship for a period of time; however, there are a number of requirements that have to met in order to be qualify for this type of dissolution. At Mason Law Office, P.C. we have handled domestic partnerships, which are substantially similar to a dissolution of marriage.

(3) Legal Separation

This type of case is very similar to a dissolution of marriage or dissolution of domestic partnership; however, the parties are still considered a married couple or registered couple. The advantage is that you can keep your spouse on your health insurance plan. The disadvantage is that neither party can get remarried until a dissolution is finalized.

(4) Nullity (Annulment of Marriage)

With this type of case, there are a number of requirements in order for the courts to consider an Annulment of Marriage. This option is rarely the right choice, but each case should be evaluated individually.

Mason Law Office P.C. can help you decide which option is best for your situation, and we will fight hard to get you what you want.

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