Name Change

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Change of Name Procedures

If you are requesting a name change for yourself, you must file several documents with court. If you are requesting a name change for your minor child, you must take further steps. In addition to filing the documents, you must also file an attachment to the petition. Documents filed with court must be served personally on the other parent.

After the documents have been filed with court, it must be published in an adjudicated county newspaper per the California Government Code Section 6064. The endorsed documents will provide a court date for a hearing regarding the name change. On the court day before the hearing, the court will issue a tentative ruling indicating whether the name change was granted, or if your appearance at hearing is required. If your appearance is required, we may be retained to appear for you. At the hearing, the judge will determine whether to grant or deny the name change.

Post-Decree Name Change

We can help you restore your former name after the dissolution judgment has been entered. Upon endorsement of your documents, the court will return the filed copy to you.

After You Receive the Name Change Decree

Now that your name is legally changed, you must notify the appropriate agencies, i.e. the Social Security Office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, etc. These places will most likely request to see a certified copy of your Name Change Order, so be sure to bring a certified copy with you.