Personal Injury

We are your Sacramento area plaintiff’s attorneys. If you have suffered an injury, whether physical, emotional, or financial, and you feel someone else is responsible, please contact us today. Suffering an injury can be devastating, not only to yourself, but to your whole family. It is important to hold the individual responsible for their wrongdoing, especially to ensure that you are compensated fully.

There are several steps to starting and resolving a personal injury case, and we can help.

(1) Informal Settlement: All parties involved, along with their attorneys, and the insurance representatives (if any) negotiate and sign an agreement, which includes any agreed amount of financial recovery.

(2) Mediation and Arbitration: All parties involved meet with an outside third-party mediator or arbitrator who will see all the evidence, hear the arguments, and make a decision regarding the dispute. In many situations, such as claims against most hospitals, you may have signed an arbitration agreement requiring you to use an arbitrator. We can find out for your and advise you accordingly.

(3) Formal Lawsuit: We will file a lawsuit if the case does not settle. Mason Law Office, P.C. assists you with all aspects of the case in order to get you the largest compensation possible. We will make sure you understand all your options before trial, and the risks involved with juries. When we go to trial we do not relent. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, evidence, and witnesses. We will also prepare you to testify, if you need to take the stand. We are in court several times a week on a regular basis and we use our experience to help you decide if taking your case to trial is appropriate.

It is important to talk to a lawyer if you have been injured physically, emotionally, or financially by another person or company. In personal injury cases, the statute of limitations gives you a limited time to file a lawsuit. Once a statute of limitations passes, you will no longer have any right to go into court with your case. Thus, it is important to take action on your case very soon after you are injured. Do not delay.

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